Jerry is from Bay St. Louis, MS which is just 40 minutes east of New Orleans, LA and 20 minutes from Biloxi, MS. As an animal lover, Jerry has always had dogs as pets from a 4 pound teacup Poodle to a 170 pound English Mastiff.

As a former police officer, Jerry turned his love of animals into a part of his career when he became a K9 narcotics interdiction officer. Being the handler of a multi-purpose (tracking, narcotics detection, apprehension, officer protection and crowd control) K9, Jerry and his partner were able to help protect and serve the citizens not only the community where he lived and worked, but the citizens throughout the entire county. Jerry was also a member of the entry team and later the Assistant Commander of the Hancock County Special Operations Division, a multi-jurisdictional SWAT team.



Mike has always loved breeding, raising and training all sorts of different animals such as dogs, horses, racing pigeons and chickens.  His father and grandfather introduced him to the training of dogs over 25 years ago. His passion for dogs brought him to Off Leash K9 Training after leaving his full-time engineering job to pursue his dream of training dogs. Mike specializes in Dog Behavior Modification. The dogs bond with him in a way that you would think they have known each other longer from the first day they met. He loves what he does and it definitely shows!